Client Testimonials

Kathy is a creative and talented voice-over professional who brought great results to our television show! She is easy to work with, on time, accommodating and she sounds great. Her smooth VO style is pleasing to the ears and we'll be using Kathy again in the future. Highly recommended! Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value.

— Laura Theodore | The Jazzy Vegetarian

Thank you Kathy! I listened and they [Inspirational phone apps] are exquisite. Perfect as is - I wouldn't change a thing. I especially like how just a touch of your maturity shines through, not too much, but just enough to convey wisdom...confidence...assurance. At the same time your voice has a youthful melody to it - lovely - like a singing brook. Effervescent. This is exactly what I want.

— Brant Huddleston | Arise Company

I LOVE it. You sound amazing. I'll make sure to refer you if anything comes up!

— Laura Theodore | The Jazzy Vegetarian

Kathy, You sound better than Midge Woolsey!

— Judith Stuss | New Jersey Conservatory of Fine Arts

Kathy! OMG!!! (as they say these days...) Your voice is FABULOUS!!!!! I LOVED the variety of content, the character voices, etc, etc, etc. Great job! If I had a voice needed, I would not doubt going to you for a second.

— Grazina Crisman | ElderCareChat, LLC