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Female | Non-Union | Range 30 - 60

Voice Description

Vocal attractiveness, warmth with creativity, sincere, engergetic, yet - once in a while vocal characters escape.

Industry Specialties


Meet Kathy


Kathy is no stranger to the stage or performing. She is a 25 year veteran of musical theatre and drama. Applying this background to voice over was easy, especially the character parts! Directors have said that Kathy takes direction very well, and produces exactly the quality they need.

Current Projects

Currently, Kathy can be heard on the Jazzy Vegetarian on cable TV, voicing the promos for the website, cookbook, and the sponsors.

Studio Capabilities

Home Studio

Home Recording studio set up for dry auditions, and productions. Quality equipment that captures vocal clarity.

Professional Studio Access

Available ISDN and Phone Patch

Contact Info

studio (973) 838.8345
mobile (973) 851.1913
email KathyV@VoiceAlive.net
location Bloomingdale, NJ

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Client Testimonials

Her smooth VO style is pleasing to the ears and we'll be using Kathy again in the future.
Highly recommended!

— Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian

I especially like how just a touch of your maturity shines through, not too much, but just enough to convey wisdom...confidence...assurance.

— Brant Huddleston, Arise Company

OMG!!! (as they say these days...) Your voice is FABULOUS!!!!! I LOVED the variety of content, the character voices, etc, etc, etc. Great job!

— Grazina Crisman, ElderCareChat, LLC

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Voiceover Experience

Featured Clients

Jazzy VegetarianArise CompanyLife Givers Network

Featured Training

The Great Voice Company • Bennett Studios • Voice Over Club
Susan Berkley • Moneen Daley Harte • Terry Daniel • Ron Knight

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